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Shrimp Tacos with Grilled Pineapples & Mango Salsa


Serious cravings for these tacos yesterday and they turned out SOOO good. I love sweet and spicy combos. Salim however doesn’t and still inhaled 3 of these. ⁣

Let me try and describe these tacos to you. The tacos were soft but crunchy, plump juicy shrimp, spicy sauce drizzled over all balanced by the sweetness of the grilled pineapple and the mango salsa.


Total Time:

  • Prep time: 20 minutes

  • Cook time: 20 minutes


  • Frozen XL uncooked shrimp

  • Salt

  • pepper

  • paprika

  • maggi seasoning

  • oil

  • Pineapple


  • 1/2 red onion

  • 1 tomato (seeds removed)

  • 1 small cucumber

  • Cilantro

  • 3 stalks of spring onion greens

  • 1 mango

  • 1 jalapeno

  • corn

  • 1/2 lime

  • 1 tbsp honey


I buy frozen XL uncooked shrimp. Defrost and pat dry completely. Remove tails. Marinate in salt, pepper, paprika and maggi seasoning - it's a liquid seasoning (1 tbsp) for 2 packets of shrimp. Add some oil and let that marinate in the fridge for about 20 minutes.

Preheat the air fryer for about 4 mins. This means to turn it on and let it heat up without anything in there. It helps with the cooking process. Place the shrimp without crowding it in the air fryer. And cook for 8 minutes at 380 degrees F. Flip halfway. You'll have the most plump & juicy shrimp. Squeeze a lime over them when done.

Drain pineapple from a can. Or cut a fresh one. Place it in the air fryer for 15 minutes. Flip halfway. Perfect grilled pineapple!


Chop 1/2 a red onion, 1 tomato with seeds removed, 1 small cucumber, handful of cilantro, 3 stalks of spring onion greens, 1 mango, 1 jalapeno, some corn, I used the grilled corn from Trader Joe's, juice of 1 lime and zest of 1/2 q of lime, 1 tbsp of honey. Mix all the salsa ingredients and set aside.

Seasonings: salt to taste, pepper, 1/4 tsp of cumin, 1/2 tsp of tajin (skip if you don't have or replace with chaat masala)

Sprinkle over the salsa. Mix and refrigerate an hour before serving. Goes great with tacos and tortilla chips.


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