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Marium's Favorite Things 2022

Well my friends, Here we are. The end of the year 2022, and what a year it's been.

I've been wanting to do a favorite things post for a while now, and what better time than now to compile this list. I'm breaking it up in to categories: Beauty, Kitchen, Household items, Jewelry and Accessories, and Misc.

Let me preface this by saying, I have put together this list because of the overwhelming feedback you guys gave me in my question box the other day. So a huge thank you to all of you. Thank you for trusting me and shopping from my affialite links. Without further ado, I present to you the first ever edition of the Jaanies and Jaanu's Faves of 2022.

This post contains Affiliate links.


My ride or die's in this list right here. Fave lipsticks, treatments, blushes and eye pencils. I find them universally flattering on all skin tones especially mine.

1. My most favorite lipsticks - Nudes, corals and pinks

2. My favorite kohl pencil and eye pencils - the ones that I use all the time

3. This Dior blush & The Milani Dolce blush - I love a good blush

4. The elf lip treatment - Just gives the hint of color and makes the lips look plump

5. Cerave healing ointment - for slugging and dryness all over the body use

6. The Teeth whitening Strips - THE BEST natural ingredient whitening strips

8. The best pimple patches - sucks out all the gunk

9. Make up remover cleansing balm - don't use wipes. Get a balm instead


So In the summer I cut my hair super short and I also got covid. I had a crazy amount of hair loss, which after covid is normal. I started doing something called a pre wash, which is basically oiling your hair for a few minutes before you shower just to strengthen the hair follicle. I am amazed by the results. Linked my favorite products for hair here which includes the prewash I highly recommend as well as the ever so Amazing K18.

1. The Dyson Airwrap - I think Ive finally come to the conclusion that this is by the far the most superior quality hair tool Ive ever used on my hair. I'm unable to use all the attachments but that's mostly because I haven't practiced. But the spiky hair burst, the drying attachment and the brush attachment are just supreme. My hair looks professionally done every time I style my hair with it.

2. Curling Iron: Nothing compares to this hair curling tong in terms of curls. Its soft, doesn't damage and its exceptionally easy to use.

3. Color wow - leave in hair treatment for the most perfect blow dried look

4. Color Wow hair and texture spray - works as a texture spray as well as as a hair holding spray.

5. Kerastaste Hair oil - this one is for after styling and frizz control

6. Bumble and Bumble Heat protectant - use every time you dry your hair to protect it from all kind of heat- even environmental

7. IGK Dry Shampoo - I use this sparingly, but this dry shampoo is unreal amazing.

8. Fable and Mane Hair oil - I use this religiously as a prewash for my hair. 15 mins before a hair wash., I've noticed dramatic results.

9. K 18 - I don't know where k18 has been my whole life. it's a molecular mask for your hair which strengthens the bonds in your hair. Honestly at firs tI wasn't very impressed but after 2 uses, there was no going back. I am such a huge fan of this product. If you dye your hair or apply heat to it - this mask is a game changer.

10. Fanola no yellow shampoo - This shampoo I use about once a month. I love it because my hair tends to get brassy between colors. And this acts as a toner.


A lot of my favorite pieces are in my liketoknowit page which I'll link here for you. But I wanted to give a few items a special mention here. This year I really leaned into comfort. And these products are guaranteed comfort. Some even cute. For reference I am 5'2 and about 125lbs.

1. Bamboo Underwear - The first place goes to these incredible undies. I am just sad I found them so late in my life. Like where have these been. And across the board, I cannot tell you how many messages I get saying thanks you recommending this underwear. It's life changing. I promise. (I wear a size small)

2. Free People Dupe Bras - These are soooooo comfy. They are not padded, but I just use the cups from my mother sports bra's. They look really nice too under sweaters/tops with scoop/V necks. I love. (size Small)

3. Workout Leggings - My favorites for years now. I wear them in almost every season (Size Small)

4. Cloud Pillow Slides - extreme confort chappal (go down one size)

5. Sweatpants - I am a leggings girl, but I am also realizing I am a sweatpants girl the most. Like these sweatpants are non fluffy, cozy and look so chic. (Size small)

6. Uniqlo Down Jacket - I have been looking for something like this my whole life. Trying is believing the warmth element of this very very comfortable and chic jacket. It is highly recommended for colder temps. I simply love it. (size small)

7. The Archie Jacket - it's the love of my winter closet. (Size small)

8. Tunic Tops - love the fabric on these. They are so comfy and the bum coverage on these is brilliant.(Size small)

9. THE best sweater - my most worn sweater over the last few years. I love how its stylish and can be worn with tights or jeans.


It's been a year of hoops and belt bags for me

1. Twisted Rope Hoops- These are easy to wear everyday hoops. I get them in the 25mm size.

2. Formal Hoops - These are slightly thicker and bigger. But they lift up a look instantly

3. Tiered Coin Necklace - such a nice layered look this necklace gives

4. My most worn necklace - I wear the most during the course of the year. I wear the medium size,. Its so dainty, and I get the most compliments.

5. Calpak Belt Bag - I don't know if I will ever stop using a belt bag. This one is my favorite. I used it for travel and everyday. Love it.

6. Gabine Crossbody - this bag is honestly the cutest find of the year. It works as a shoulder bag & a belt bag. I am drawn to the brown color. LOVE

7. Fake Diamond Ring - I lost my engagement rings last year, and I bought this one for travel. I am always surprised as to how real it looks. I always get compliments on this ring, and so many of you purchased it saying the same.

8. I usually get all my glasses, regular vision and sun glasses from a store in Karachi called Vision Express.I have a code with them as well, MH10 for 10% off.


I saved the best for last.

1. Hand Held Chopper - I give this as a gift to my friends. no joke. I love this chopper that much. I make mince meat in it. chopped veggies, garlic and ginger paste. The list is endless. You need this chopper in your life.

2. Red Lava Candle - The candle I also love to gift. It is an exact dupe of the lava candle at anthropology.

3. Robot Vacuum - I run this bad boy everyday. The amount of hair and dust it picks up. It works on hardwood floors, tile and carpet. I run it over my whole house, and cannot do without it.

4. Stanley Jug - This is the single reason I drink more water in the day. I'm obsessed. Ive gotten one for both my parents and they love theirs. I finish 2 of these in a day.

5. Rug Grippers - I use these on hardwood floors and tile. Keeps the carpet/rug in place and doesn't damage the floor at all.

6. Under Shelf Lighting - I love these because they are wireless, and have given my kitchen such a lift. Motion detected. And this summer when we had a power outage, these came in soooo handy.


From me and my family, I send you all so much love. Thank you for making 2022 an unforgettable year for me.

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Hi Marium. Can you link me to the laser hair removal device that you use? Also how would you rate it for facial hair and also other parts of body?


Thank you for sharing Marium. I see myself referring to this list quite often. ❤️


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