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Winter Care Products for the family

Winter is coming. Or for most folks in Illinois it's already here. I told Salim to up the heat in the house today. It's time.

Speaking of time, it's also time for the sniffles, the coughs and the dreaded dry skin. I'm sharing some of my go to products for my family in this post. These are easily available at Walmart. Or better yet, just have them delivered to your doorstep. If you are a new customer, you can use promo code TRIPLE10 to save 10$ off your first 3 pickup or delivery orders. (50$ min, Restrictions and Fees apply).

I get very dry skin the minute the heating turns on in the house. No matter how much water I drink. I absolutely love this body oil gel by Equate, which is one of Walmart's private brands. I have made the switch over to several items from this brand in our home. Best part, it's saved me money and the quality is just as good, if not better. Sharing some of my own favorites here.

You best believe, as a mom, I go no where without my flushable wipes. These are also from the Equate brand. They are made from plant fibers and totally biodegradable. I'm telling you, I go no where without them. And my kids know it, hence I'm always stocked up.

With the change in weather I've also been experiencing a fair amount of body aches. My friend recommended that I do an epsom salt bath and it's been so lovely. Just to take a little time out for myself given how everything is so busy and fast paced. Also if you're looking for a good body wash for itchy dry skin, I have found this OLAY to be superb. The combination of using this body wash and the body oil makes your skin so soft and supple. Also let me hook you on the best cream for your feet. My feet are the most ignored part of my body. I keep this cream on my night stand and put it on my feet every. single. night.

For the kids I use the same body oil after a shower. It's gentle on their skin and it keeps their skin super soft. Be it summer or winter, I always use sunscreen on myself and the kids. I use this sunscreen on the kids, also by Walmart's private brand Equate. Laila has very unruly hair, and we often have fights with the hairbrush. But this detangling spray is a game changer my friends. While you're at it, pick up this Sleep Bath I promise you, it works and the kids LOVE it.

Stay safe my friends. Wishing you and your family all the health and happiness.

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Same dua and pyar for your way.. 💞💐


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