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Ramzan/Ramadan Menu Ideas 2022

Well hello there. The blessed month of Ramzan/Ramadan is upon us and as always, I find myself reminded to stop and take note of our blessings, give back to our communities and really take in the true meaning of this month.

Even when we lived in Pakistan, Iftari for us wasn't a big feast of pakoras, jalebi's, samosas and 12 other delicious things on the menu on the daily. It used to be 1-2 iftari items and straight up dinner. This is something I end up doing in my own home as well. Keeping the amount of items we eat for Iftari fewer, and cooking enough to last us 2 days.

I know Ramzan prep can be very taxing, making the frozen items in advance, the chutneys, the pakora mixes - basically everything you need to make life less stressful. More power to you and I hope you get everything done in time. Also, to be noted, please do what works for you. I know it can sometimes seem daunting to see others doing a lot during this month, but you know what's on your plate best. I read a beautiful post by Dr Nahla on instagram, which said "there is so much pressure to be excited, productive, and positive during Ramzan/Ramadan that many people feel ashamed to be honest and say " I struggle with Ramzan, or that Ramzan is hard for me." She further elaborates and says "there's absolutely no shame in struggling. You are not ungrateful or a bad Muslim for it. Remember you are not expected to be perfect, but to do your best." I just found her post so reassuring to remind myself to do my best - and that that can look like different things on different days.

I'm listing a few menus here that I plan to look back on, for days where I feel stumped for what to cook. I'm hopeful you will find use for these as well! Now I'm not saying you should make something new everyday, and follow the day to day of the menu's posted. This is simply a reference. I would highly recommend making something that will last you 2 days for iftari. I also hope you include members of your family in the prepping of the meal as well as the clean up. The responsibility of these shouldn't lie on one person and one person alone.

I am also going to try and link the recipes I post here for your ease. I wish you all the love. And truly hope this season brings you above all else - contentment.

Links for Menu B available here

Links for Menu C here

Chicken Burgers

Savor Pulao

Shami Kebabs

Chicken Shami Kebabs

Bhunna Hua Gosht

Mess Wali Chicken/Desi Chicken Roast

Chicken Shashlik

Garlic Egg Fried Rice

Recipes for the lemon soda are under (instagram) highlights "Drinks"

Masala for masala fries under (instagram) highlight "Chatpata"

Bun kebab recipe under (instagram) highlight labelled "Snacks"

I also have a Guide over on my IG with all these recipes mentioned as well as some other ones like chicken cheese toast, chicken pot pie, paneer tikka, some quick asian stir fries, if you'd like to mix and match some things.

I truly hope this guide helps. I know, its overwhelming at times to be the person who wants to make these 30 days very special for your loved ones by making sure the table has their favorite food. But know that store bought is always ok too. Your love will overflow, regardless. As always hoping everything you do has barkat in it. May all our namaz and duas be accepted. Ameen.

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Ramzan Mubarak peyari Thank you so much for this brilliant menu & recipe likns too tusi great ho hamseha di trha rasguly di plate ho 😍


Thank you so much marium for sharing such things for Ramadan


Ramazan mubarak 🌙 To you and your family! May Allah bless you with all the happiness ameen❤️ Thank you for this. ❤️


Thank you so much for this and liking the recipes. Will be my go to


Thanks dear for amazing recipes

May Allah always bless you and your family. Ameen

Ramadan karim ❤❤


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