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We're Closer to Meeting

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

For most of us this year, that planned trip back home to see family has not happened. And probably will not happen for the foreseeable future. ⁣

I broke down yesterday in my stories (highlight labeled home) after seeing my parents reunite with my khala and Nani. This feeling of being stuck, this feeling of we’re here and they are there. Yeh dooriyan....⁣

I was reminded in my DMs by so many of you, that I’m not alone. That you too have been in the same boat I’m in. With some of you saying there’s no one to go home to, that person with whom it felt like home with, left to be with the Almighty. ⁣

When I told my mother that we will not be making our long awaited trip home, I thought I’d have to comfort her. But she said something to me which I hold on to in moments of darkness - “Marium, were closer to meeting. There’s your plan, and then there’s His plan. And har cheez mai Allah ki koi behtari hoti hai”⁣

To all of you, who took the time out to message, to pray, who cried with me - to you I say... we have each other. My virtual family. We are so lucky that we can wear a beautiful kurta, a shawl, eat some pakoray, have some chai and feel like we’re right at home. Our beautiful kurtas are from @sync_e_style so comfy and meticulously stitched!

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