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Friday Musings

On Friday, which I think I’m going to make my “Friday Musings” day I spoke about something I saw the great Tabitha Brown say. And it stuck with me for so long. I wish someone had said these exact same words to me 5 years ago. Because sometimes you never know who needs to hear it.

If you have a talent, you are naturally gifted at something, and you aren’t using it - ask yourself why? Why aren’t you using a talent that is God gifted to you. That comes naturally to you. This could be anything - cooking, cleaning, driving, studying, reading etc etc. gifts and talents are meant to be used. They are meant to be showcased, so ask yourself why you are not using them. What is holding you back? Have that conversation with yourself. And once you do, watch your whole life change. And while you think about this, don’t let the opinions of people make you feel small and insignificant. Kuch toh log kahain gay, logon ka kaam hai kehna. (My musings highlight has my mini talk on it)⁣

Life is too short to live by other people’s expectations and opinions on what you should be doing with it. So if you’re good at something, and you would like to use that skill to benefit you, go for it. I promise you’ll find your support system. ⁣

So Tell me, what are you naturally good at? What talent are hiding from the world? Or does the world know ♥️

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