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Chicken Egg Sandwiches


Who doesn’t love a sandwich platter? Back home we used to have a Parsi chef, and these sandwiches (along with the dhansak) were his specialty. Hope they make it to your table this coming Ramzan. They’re addictive. You’ve been warned.⁣



Makes 20 sandwiches⁣


  • 3 chicken breasts seasoned with salt and pepper, boiled and shredded⁣

  • 4 eggs boiled and chopped⁣

  • 12 tbsp of softened salted butter (has to be room temp)⁣

  • 5 tbsp of mayonnaise⁣

  • 4 tbsp of cream⁣


  • salt and pepper to taste

  • 1 tsp of chicken powder (I Use knor)

  • 1/2 tsp of garlic powder

  • 1/4th tsp of sugar

  • 1/2 tsp of black pepper⁣

  • 1/2 a cup of chopped spring onion (only the greens)⁣

  • 1 tbsp of mustard (I only use powdered mustard, mix with a little cold water to make a paste and to bring out the spice. Do not use plain yellow liquid mustard)⁣

  • Soft brown bread. Sides removed or not its up to you⁣

  • Chopped chives for sprinkling⁣

  • Sliced cucumber⁣


Get together all your ingredients. Mix the butter, mayo, Cream, mustard, seasonings along with the spring onion. Once completely mixed add this mixture to the shredded chicken and the eggs. Mix until combined. Check for seasonings. Spread on fresh bread. Be generous but don’t overstuff. No one likes oozing sandwiches. Keep at room temp covered with an almost dry slightly damp cheesecloth.⁣

Note: This mixture can’t be refrigerated for too long because of the butter solidifying. It must be at room temp. You can make the batter, and refrigerate it, but then make sure to bring it to room temp.


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hi marium!

how far ahead of actually needing to use this chicken/egg salad paste can i make the paste itself? ie before using it on the sandwiches, can i make it a day ahead or 2 or 3? :)

also, would it totally ruin the whole thing if i DID actually use regular mustard?

thank you!

Replying to

I made it a day ahead and used regular mustard and they turned out great.


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