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Bachpan ki Eid

When I think about Eid, the first thing that comes to my mind is putting naaras for my cousins, brother and dad - so random, I know. ⁣

But it’s these tiny random things that have been the most nostalgic for me. ⁣

My Bachpan ki Eid, for the most part, was spent wherever my dad was posted. The night before Eid would always be an elaborate Chand Raat festival at the Services Club. This included game stalls, food vendors, mehendi items, bangles, last minute kurta shopping, petting zoo’s, etc. And man oh man, they were amazing. The feeling of everyone’s family being included. Soldiers, officers, janitors - all together, celebrating. Things were always subsidized to make sure everyone could afford something. I remember we would run care-free after getting our Eidi from our parents and the “gang” - aka whoever was in the cantonment at that time - assembled as we decided what stalls to hit up first. What glorious memories. ⁣

Eid - the next day - became all about visiting the senior officers’ houses and lunch at the Unit. And then, when my dad became a senior officer - it would be open house at our home. I don’t want to get into how many cream cakes we used to “inherit”. ⁣

Once my dad retired, I could finally enjoy Eid with my family in Karachi.. and it was wild. I was big on making my own clothes - so tailor and dyer runs were almost on the daily, picking out bangles and putting on mehendi was always Uzma Market on Chaand Raat. Countless meals all over town, hosted by various family members - my Dadi was alive then... after I left, she passed away and I always wondered what Eid in Karachi would be like without her handing us Eidi, always making certain grandkids got more 😂 (as if we didn’t know). I miss it all. And I’m so grateful for all my memories and to be able to share them here. ⁣

Thank you to my amazing sahelis who have joined me. Your vibe attracts your tribe, and these ladies are my tribe. I love you. Please share with me and use the hashtag #BachpanKiEid I’d love to see your memories.

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